Donald Unzi

Hello, My name is DONALD, founder/ CEO of the Curve Learning Academy. I am a certified driving Instructor with over two year driving instructors experience teaching people of all ages how to drive safely and confidently. 

Driving is a fundamental skill everyone should learn, but it should also be done with care and responsibility. My priority is to create a comfortable and a positive learning environment for my students, so they feel confident and safe on the road. I am known for my warm and friendly demeanour, I understand that learning to drive can be nerve-wracking. Rest assured I am patient and my calm teaching style helps new learners feels at ease behind the wheel. Mistakes are a part of learning process and I am here to provide supportive and encouraging environment where you can grow and develop your driving skills with confidence. 

Safety is a top priority for me with my extensive knowledge of traffic laws, defensive driving techniques and commitment to following rules and regulations you can feel confident that your lessons will be conducted safely and responsibly. My goal is not only to teach how to pass driving test but also to equip you with skills necessary to be responsible and contentious driver for life.   


  • Certified driver instructor with good driving record 
  • Extensive knowledge of traffic laws and driving regulations 
  • Knowledgeable in defensive driving techniques 
  • Experience working with teens, adults and seniors 
  • Familiar with various road conditions and environment 


My teaching style is interactive and adoptive I believe in providing personalised experience for every student as everyone has a different learning style. I also believe in hands on practice to help students feel confident behind the wheel. during the driving lessons I encourage questions and feedback to create an open and engaging learning environment 

So if your ready to embark on an exciting and transformative driver education journey Choose The Learning Curve Driving Academy with our guidance and support, you will become confident and responsible driver. 

Instructor at The Learning Curve Driving Academy

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